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  1. 2018/07/21 16:30:27 NHK含むアンテナおとなりページ

    Jul. 21, 2018 - Updated 06:07 UTC
    1. Severe heat continues across Japan
    2. Clean-up volunteers brave heatwave
    3. Storm brings heavy rain to southwestern Japan
    4. Second suspect detained in killing of Denis Ten
    5. Pompeo asks UNSC to keep sanctions on N.Korea
    6. UN set to provide N.Korea with additional aid
    7. N.Korea's economy posts sharpest drop in 20 years
    8. Ticket prices set for 2020 Tokyo Games
    9. Protestors attack Chiang Kai-shek statue in Taipei

  2. 2018/07/21 10:17:44 NHK - 1含むアンテナおとなりページ

    1. Severe heat continues across Japan
    Severe heat continues across much of Japan.
    Temperatures on Saturday are expected to reach 38 degrees Celsius in some parts of eastern and western regions. People are advised to remain on the alert to prevent heatstroke.
    In Kyoto, Friday's daytime high reached 38.6 degrees. It was the first time since record-keeping began 138 years ago that temperatures in the city hit the 38-degree mark on 7 consecutive days.
    Many people have been taken to hospital, while others were found dead in recent days, apparently stricken by heatstroke-related conditions.
    Health experts are urging people to use air conditioners, drink water, and take in salt, as well as to refrain from daytime exercising.

  3. 2018/07/21 10:05:55 NHK - 2含むアンテナおとなりページ

    2. 1.5 mil. personal data hacked in Singapore
    The Singaporean government said on Friday that hackers attacked its health database and stole data on some 1.5 million individuals, including Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.
    Lee said in his Facebook post that hackers targeted his medication data, but said there is nothing alarming in it.
    The government says it detected problems with the database at medical institutions on July 4th. Its investigation has found that the names, addresses, and other personal information were leaked between June 27th and July 4th.
    The government is working to reinforce cyber security with the support of specialists.

  4. 2018/07/21 08:20:52 NHK - 3含むアンテナおとなりページ

    3. Abe vows to regain trust as Diet session ends
    Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has expressed his determination to regain people's trust following a series of scandals involving the government.
    Abe was speaking at a news conference on Friday evening to mark the end of the current Diet session.
    He first spoke about the impact of the heavy rains earlier this month that triggered deadly landslides and floods.
    Abe promised to utilize all government resources to ensure there is enough temporary housing, and also to allow people to restart their businesses and resume their daily lives as quickly as possible.
    The Prime Minister then apologized for the series of scandals, including falsification of public records and accusations of cronyism.
    Abe acknowledged that the scandals have damaged the public's trust in his government. He promised to prudently fulfill his duty as prime minister.
    Regarding trade, Abe spoke of the Diet's endorsement of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the signing of a free-trade deal with the European Union.
    As concerns over protectionism spread globally, Abe said Japan will continue to be a flag bearer for free trade and advocate a new economic order based on free and fair rules.
    Abe concluded by saying he is committed to reforming Japan's social and economic systems.

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