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    Sep. 23, 2018 - Updated 21:09 UTC
    3. Abe wants constructive trade talks with Trump
    4. Families appeal for abductees' return
    5. Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps vows vengeance
    6. Oil producers to continue working to boost output
    7. China moves to scrap two-child policy
    8. Osaka loses Pan Pacific Open final
    9. Japanese spacecraft to deliver supplies to ISS

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    2. Presidential election campaign starts in Indonesia
    The official campaign has begun in Indonesia's presidential election, set for April 17th next year. Incumbent President Joko Widodo is facing off against former military leader Prabowo Subianto.
    A ceremony on Sunday at a square in Jakarta marked the start of the campaign. The candidates pledged to conduct themselves in a fair and just manner.
    Key issues are expected to be the economy and addressing the country's high poverty rate.
    Indonesia has the world's 4th largest population, with 260 million people. Its economy continues to expand along with its global presence as a G20 member.
    Japan is watching the election outcome as ties between the countries are deepening both on the economic front and in the field of security. Nearly 2,000 companies from Japan do business in Indonesia.

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    3. China moves to scrap two-child policy
    China is preparing to end restrictions on the number of children families can have. This comes amid growing concerns over the falling birthrate and aging population.
    The Standing Committee of the National People's Congress by Sunday released a draft of the revised civil code that contains no reference to family planning.
    China previously had a strict policy of one child per family. The country's working-age population began to fall in 2012.
    The limit was eased in 2015 to allow couples to have a second child. But the birthrate continued to fall due to increasing education costs and people's changing values.
    The government is expected to end population-control measures.
    But proposals to counter the declining birthrate have caused controversy.
    In August, experts proposed setting up a childbirth fund that people would be required to pay into. Their money would be refunded if they had a baby.
    The idea came under fire. One critic said on the Internet that the government may be able to force people not to have children, but it cannot force them to do so.

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    1. Maldivians vote amid turmoil
    People in the Maldives are voting in the presidential election. The incumbent pro-China president is facing off against a pro-India candidate, fielded by the opposition.
    Voters lined up at many polling stations before they opened on Sunday morning. The election commission says voting is proceeding smoothly.
    During his re-election campaign, President Abdulla Yameen touted a large infrastructure project supported by China. He also pledge to remove the names of Indian firms from facilities they helped build.
    The opposition bloc has Ibrahim Mohamed Solih as their unified candidate.
    Solih wants to strengthen ties with India, saying that increasing China's influence will only destabilize the region.
    The voting has begun amid turmoil. On the day before, police raided the headquarters of the opposition campaign, which they suspect was used to distribute bribes. But local media report that they found no evidence.
    The Maldives is in a sea lane in the Indian Ocean. Its strategically significant location is behind the increasing tensions between China and India. The result is expected by early Monday.

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