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    The blockchain is the new database

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    October 2014 (10)

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    Jeremy Zawodny’s blog
    Random thoughts on technology, aviation, and life in general...
    February 25, 2010
    I’m Blogging Elsewhere
    posted at 05:20 PM | link| bloglines| technorati
    I haven’t written much here recently. And that’s really due to a lot of reason, not the last of which is being busy and that we have a wonderful new kitten named Bear:
    The other issue is that I’ve becoming increasingly unhappy with my blogging tools, the custom hacks I’ve added over the years, and the required maintenance and upkeep.
    So I’ve decided to give WordPress a try. You can visit my new experimental (likely semi-permanent) blog here: Jeremy Zawodny’s WordPress blog
    I may find myself posting stuff here from time to time. Maybe. But the reality is that I’ll probably work on a mega export of this stuff into the the new blog and setup some redirects at some point.
    When I have time.
    Which means it may take a while. But that’s life.
    In the meantime, I have more efficient tools over there and am likely to publish more often. So check it out if you’re interested. Or not.
    February 02, 2010
    Zip Line and Rappelling Adventure in Puerto Vallarta
    posted at 09:36 PM | link| bloglines| technorati
    A few weeks ago, Kathleen and I went on our first cruise together. It was her fifth and my first, so I got to experience a lot of new things. If time allows, I’ll try to write about that in the future. But for now, I want to talk about one of our shore excursions.
    Our first day in port was in Puerto Vallarta. The weath