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  1. 2018/07/15 07:46:15 iPhone, iPad, Mac Buyer’s Guide: Know When to Buy含むアンテナおとなりページ

    iPhone, iPad, Mac Buyer’s Guide: Know When to Buy 261
    Jul 14 2018 2018 MacBook Pro Models Now Available for In-Store Pickup in the United States
    Jul 14 2018 Apple Outlines 2018 MacBook Pro Repair Options and Parts Availability

  2. 2018/07/13 13:48:45 後悔しないモノ選び - 朝日新聞デジタル&BAZAAR含むアンテナおとなりページ

    後悔しないモノ選び - 朝日新聞デジタル&BAZAAR スマホアプリを使って遠隔操作できる留守番ロボット

  3. 2018/07/07 00:14:58 The Journal of Symbolic Logic | Cambridge Core含むアンテナおとなりページ

    The Journal of Symbolic Logic | Cambridge Core JSL volume 30 issue 1 Cover and Back matter
    The Journal of Symbolic Logic, Volume 30, Issue 1

  4. 2018/06/24 12:40:15 LICS - Archive含むアンテナおとなりページ

    LICS - Archive LICS Test-of-Time Award Winner in 2017
    All papers from LICS 1997 were considered for the 2017 LICS Test-of-Time Award. The Award Committee consisted of Amy Felty (chair), Christel Baier, Andrew Pitts, and Nicole Schweikardt.
    Richard Blute Josée Desharnais Abbas Edalat Prakash Panangaden
    Bisimulation for Labelled Markov ProcessesMore Information...
    The paper introduces labelled Markov processes as a continuous space variant of deterministic labeled transition systems where the dynamics of the state-action pairs is given by Markov kernels specifying the probability for measurable sets of successor states. The presented notion of bisimulation of labelled Markov processes is a conservative extension of Larsen and SkouR17;s bisimulation for discrete probabilistic transition systems. The paper presents a highly non-trivial proof for the transitivity of bisimulation on labelled Markov processes and first steps towards a logical characterization of bisimulation in terms of a probabilistic Hennessy-Milner logic. By introducing labeled Markov processes and a notion of bisimulation for them, the authors provided important foundations for the formal semantics and analysis of stochastic systems where physical components interact with discrete ones. The paper opened a new research area on continuous-space stochastic models and inspired many researchers to study further properties of labelled Markov processes and variants thereof.
    Daniele Turi Gordon D. Plotkin
    Towards a Mathematical Operational SemanticsMore Information...
    This paper introduced a new and mathematically elegant way of relating the syntax and semantics of programs, using the existing category-theoretic notion of a distributive law between monads and comonads. Specifically, it gives an abstract view of the structural operational semantics of concurrent processes as distributing behaviour over syntax, one which guarantees the existence of a most abstract, compositional semantics of the language. The paper was an early example of the usefulness of coalgebraic techniques in semantics and has been, and still is, an extremely influential paper within the coalgebra community.
    The presentation of the award took place at LICS 2017.
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    Best paper awards at AAAI, ACL, CHI, CIKM, CVPR, FOCS, FSE, ICCV, ICML, ICSE, IJCAI, INFOCOM, KDD, MOBICOM, NSDI, OSDI, PLDI, PODS, S&P, SIGCOMM, SIGIR, SIGMETRICS, SIGMOD, SODA, SOSP, STOC, UIST, VLDB, WWW 2016Bidirectional Search That Is Guaranteed to Meet in the MiddleRobert C. Holte, University of Alberta; et al.
    Ariel Felner, Ben-Gurion University
    Guni Sharon, Ben-Gurion University
    Nathan R. Sturtevant, University of Denver
    2016Finding Non-Arbitrary Form-Meaning Systematicity Using String-Metric Learning for Kernel RegressionE. Darío Gutiérrez, University of California Berkeley; et al.
    Roger Levy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Benjamin K. Bergen, University of California San Diego
    2016Building a Personalized, Auto-Calibrating Eye Tracker from User InteractionsMichael Xuelin Huang, Hong Kong Polytechnic University; et al.
    Tiffany C.K. Kwok, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
    Grace Ngai, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
    Stephen C.F. Chan, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
    Hong Va Leong, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
    Finding Email in a Multi-Account, Multi-Device WorldMarta E. Cecchinato, University College London; et al.
    Abigail Sellen, Microsoft Research
    Milad Shokouhi, Microsoft Research
    Gavin Smyth, Microsoft Research
    On Looking at the Vagina through LabellaTeresa Almeida, Newcastle University; et al.
    Rob Comber, Newcastle University
    Gavin Wood, Newcastle University
    Dean Saraf, Newcastle University
    Madeline Balaam, Newcastle University
    Enhancing Cross-Device Interaction Scripting with Interactive IllustrationsPei-Yu (Peggy) Chi, University of California Berkeley; et al.
    Yang Li, Google
    Björn Hartmann, University of California Berkeley
    Empath: Understanding Topic Signals in Large-Scale TextEthan Fast, Stanford University; et al.
    Binbin Chen, Stanford University
    Michael Bernstein, Stanford University
    The Effect of Visual Appearance on the Performance of Continuous Sliders and Visual Analogue ScalesJustin Matejka, Autodesk Research; et al.
    Michael Glueck, Autodesk Research
    Tovi Grossman, Autodesk Research
    George Fitzmaurice, Autodesk Research
    HCI Research as Problem-SolvingAntti Oulasvirta, Aalto University
    Kasper Hornbæk, University of Copenhagen
    RapID: A Framework for Fabricating Low-Latency Interactive Objects with RFID TagsAndrew Spielberg, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; et al.
    Alanson Sample, Disney Research
    Scott E. Hudson, Carnegie Mellon University
    Jennifer Mankoff, Carnegie Mellon University
    James McCann, Disney Research
    Enabling Designers to Foresee Which Colors Users Cannot SeeKatharina Reinecke, University of Washington; et al.
    David R. Flatla, University of Dundee
    Christopher Brooks, University of Michigan
    Designing Movement-based Play With Young People Using Powered WheelchairsKathrin Gerling, University of Lincoln; et al.
    Kieran Hicks, University of Lincoln
    Michael Kalyn, University of Lincoln
    Adam Evans, University of Copenhagen
    Conor Linehan, University College Cork
    Developing and Validating the User Burden Scale: A Tool for Assessing User Burden in Computing Sys...Hyewon Suh, University of Washington; et al.
    Nina Shahriaree, University of Washington
    Eric B. Hekler, Arizona State University
    Julie A. Kientz, University of Washington
    Momentary Pleasure or Lasting Meaning?: Distinguishing Eudaimonic and Hedonic User ExperiencesElisa D. Mekler, University of Basel
    Kasper Hornbæk, University of Copenhagen
    Understanding and Mitigating the Effects of Device and Cloud Service Design Decisions on the Envir...Chris Preist, University of Bristol; et al.
    Daniel Schien, University of Bristol
    Eli Blevis, Indiana University Bloomington
    Haptic Wave: A Cross-Modal Interface for Visually Impaired Audio ProducersAtau Tanaka & Adam Parkinson, Goldsmiths
    ”I don’t Want to Wear a Screen”: Probing Perceptions of and Possibilities for Dynamic Displays on ...Laura Devendorf, University of California Berkeley; et al.
    Joanne Lo, University of California Berkeley
    Noura Howell, University of California Berkeley
    Jung Lin Lee, University of California Berkeley
    Nan-Wei Gong, Google
    M. Emre Karagozler, Google
    Shiho Fukuhara, Google
    Ivan Poupyrev, Google
    Eric Paulos, University of California Berkel