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  1. 2019/10/16 21:05:18 PostgreSQL含むアンテナおとなりページ

    DB Doc 7.0 released
    2019-10-15 by Yohz Software/Yohz Ventures Sdn Bhd

  2. 2019/10/16 16:26:24 Apache-SSL含むアンテナおとなりページ

    10 Best Torrent Sites to Use in Oct 2019
    11 Pros and Cons of The Pirate Bay
    Arthur - July 18, 2019

  3. 2019/10/13 13:53:10 ProFTPD含むアンテナおとなりページ

    1.3.7rc1, 1.3.6a released
    The ProFTPD Project team is pleased to announce the availability of 1.3.7rc1 to the community. This is the first release candidate of the 1.3.7 development cycle, containing multiple major bugfixes and features. The RELEASE_NOTES and NEWS files contain, as alw

  4. 2019/10/09 15:07:36 OpenSSH含むアンテナおとなりページ

    OpenSSH 8.1 released October 8, 2019

  5. 2019/09/11 22:00:47 OpenSSL含むアンテナおとなりページ

    10-Sep-2019Security Advisory: three low severity fixes
    10-Sep-2019OpenSSL 1.1.1d is now available, including bug and security fixes
    10-Sep-2019OpenSSL 1.1.0l is now available, including security fixes
    10-Sep-2019OpenSSL 1.0.2t is now available, including security fixes

  6. 2019/08/15 07:53:53 Apache含むアンテナおとなりページ

    Apache httpd 2.4.41 Released 2019-08-14¶
    The Apache Software Foundation and the Apache HTTP Server Project are pleased to announce the release of version 2.4.41 of the Apache HTTP Server (”httpd”).
    Apache HTTP Server version 2.4.41 or newer is required in order to operate a TLS 1.3 web server w

  7. 2019/04/22 10:00:21 libpng含むアンテナおとなりページ

    libpng is available as ANSI C (C89) source code and requires zlib 1.0.4or later (1.2.5 or later recommended for performance and security reasons). The current public release, libpng 1.6.37, fixes the use-after-free security vulnerability noted below, as well as an ARM NEON memory leak in the palette

  8. 2019/01/25 21:25:02 BIND含むアンテナおとなりページ

    RNDC Stats
    Hi List,I am trying to pull some metrics from our bind servers and I don't quite understand what some for the stats in the file really mean. What I am looking for is total queries and then a breakdown of total queries for each zone. Under Incoming Requests it has [...]
    Thu, Jan 24, 2

  9. 2014/12/21 00:17:45 mod_ssl含むアンテナおとなりページ

    08-Feb-2008: Released 2.8.31-1.3.41: For Apache 1.3.41!

  10. 2012/06/14 23:27:01 PHP含むアンテナおとなりページ

    The PHP development team would like to announce the immediate availability of PHP 5.4.4 and PHP 5.3.14. All users of PHP are encouraged to upgrade to PHP 5.4.4 or PHP 5.3.14.
    The release fixes multiple security issues: A weakness in the DES implementation of crypt and a heap overflow i

  11. 2010/02/24 21:06:34 Sendmail含むアンテナおとなりページ

    2010-02-22Sendmail 8.14.5.Alpha0 is available for testing.

  12. 2007/02/02 23:08:58 GD含むアンテナおとなりページ

    02/02/07: libgd version 2.0.34 Release Candidate 1 is now available from www.libgd.org. I encourage you to test out this new version.01/04/07: gd development has moved to www.libgd.org. The project is now headed by Pierre Joye, a well-known PHP developer. Pierre welcomes the contributions of distrib

  13. 2005/10/23 15:37:22 zlib含むアンテナおとなりページ

    zlib.org is temporarily redirected to zlib.net