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  1. 2019/12/14 17:23:39 Omnivoracious含むアンテナおとなりページ

    Meet Vannessa Cronin: Our Newest Editor Opens up about Books, Books and more Books
    Meet Vannessa Cronin: Our Newest Editor Opens up about Books, Books and more Books
    Sarah Gelman on December 13, 2019
    Our newest editor, Vannessa Cronin, talks about "Peanuts," being Irish, and the book she窶冱 most excited about in 2020.
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  2. 2019/12/14 16:45:47 Whatever含むアンテナおとなりページ

    Behold My Jedi-Like Powers of Persuasion
    December 13, 2019December 13, 2019 John Scalzi6 Comments
    Today on Twitter I posted a poll (which incidentally is still active as of this writing):
    Would Baby Yoda eat a porg?
    — John Scalzi (@scalzi) December 13, 2019
    Which led to many spirited comments about Baby Yoda’s eating habits, the sentience of porgs, and whether Chewbacca should have eaten that porg he cooked up, regardless of the aghast looks of other porgs. This naturally let me to say:
    Also clearly there needs to be fan art of Baby Yoda guzzling a porg head first while the other porgs look on in horror https://t.co/2W4fkZTN6X
    — John Scalzi (@scalzi) December 13, 2019
    #BabyYoda #fanart #porgs #tomsavagestudios pic.twitter.com/6th5p1AQGz
    — The Illustrations of Tom Savage (@TomSavageStudio) November 23, 2019
    This is naturally the best piece of art that has ever existed, and I am proud to have played a part in bringing this truth to a hurting and needful world although it existed before I asked for it, I still feel pleasure in knowing my wishes were answered. Please enjoy “Baby Yoda Eating a Porg” in good health.
    (PS: Here’s a link to the artist’s site if you’d like to see more of his stuff.)
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    December 12, 2019 John Scalzi11 Comments
    December 11, 2019 John Scalzi20 Comments
    Recently I wanted to get back i

  3. 2019/12/14 16:07:47 OF Blog of the Fallen含むアンテナおとなりページ

    20 hours ago
    Cheryl’s Mewsings
    Salon Futura Website Updates
    12 hours ago
    18 hours ago
    2 days ago
    6 days ago
    1 week ago

  4. 2019/12/14 11:37:59 SF Signal含むアンテナおとなりページ

    Gene Wolfe Named Damon Knight Grand Master Recipient
    Published On: December 13, 2012
    From the SFWA press release...
    “The Best of the Centuries” – Reflections on What Makes A Story Important
    Published On: December 13, 2012
    ”I am not with you when you read. The voice you hear is your own. I am giving you a frame: you are the one imbuing it with beauty.” - Robert Jackson Bennett The votes are now in for Locus Magazine’s ambitious online poll asking for readers to rate the best fantastika of the 20th and 21st centuries. Some Continue Reading →
    Books Received: December 13, 2010
    In the interest of full disclosure, here are the books we received this week.
    TOC: Unplugged: The Best of Online Fiction
    Published On: December 13, 2008
    Rich Horton has announced the contents of his latest anthology, Unplugged: The Best of Online Fiction, published by Wyrm Publishing:”Air and Angels” by Beth Bernobich (Subterranean, Spring)”Snatch Me Another” by Mercurio D. Rivera (Abyss and Apex, First Quarter)”First Rites” by Nancy Kress (Baen’s Universe, October)”The Bitrunners” by Tina Connolly (Helix, Summer)”When We Were Stardust” by Rebecce Epstein (Fantasy, February)”Willpower” by Continue Reading →
    …And Another Thing: That Special Magic that Turns 2 into 3 (Concerning Hobbits)
    Published On: December 13, 2012
    The Hobbit is upon us. The deluge of marketing was compounded by word that Peter Jackson managed to work out a third film, turning the Hobbit into the Lord of the Rings Prequel Trilogy. If there’s anything that I’ve learned this year, it’s that the SF movie world is turning me more cynical, especially when one is at the〓receiving〓end of Continue Reading →

  5. 2019/12/13 16:49:36 Complete Review含むアンテナおとなりページ

    Inès Cagnati’s 1973 novel, Free Day, just out in English from New York Review Books

  6. 2019/12/12 22:37:28 Fantasy Book Critic含むアンテナおとなりページ

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    ▼ December(5)
    Masked by Lou Anders (reviewed by Łukasz Przywóski...
    Interview with M.L. Wang (Interview by David Stewa...
    Thursday, December 12, 2019
    Masked by Lou Anders (reviewed by Łukasz Przywóski)
    Official Author Website
    Order Masked over HERE(USA) or HERE(UK)
    AUTHOR INFORMATION: Lou Anders is the author of the novels Frostborn, Nightborn, and Skyborn, the three books of the Thrones & Bones series of middle-grade fantasy adventure novels, as well as Star Wars: Pirate’s Price. Anders is the recipient of a Hugo Award for editing and a Chesley Award for art direction. A prolific speaker, Anders regularly attends writing conventions around the country. He and his family reside in Birmingham, Alabama.
    OFFICIAL BOOK BLURB: Superheroes have come a long way since the “Man of Steel” was introduced in 1938. This brilliant new collection features original stories and novellas from some of today’s most exciting voices in comics, science fiction, and fantasy. Each marvelously inventive tale shows us just how far our classic crusaders have evolved—and how the greatest of heroes are, much like ourselves, all too human.
    FORMAT: Masked is 416 pages long and it contains fifteen short stories written by fifteen authors. Published on July 10th, 2010 by Gallery Books (a division of Simon & Schuster) it’s available in an e-book and paperback format from most retailers.
    OVERVIEW: I was raised on comic books. I used to read them and reread them dozens of times. I remember the look my parents gave me when I told them that I wanted to be an X-Man once I grow up. I guess they wanted a different career for me. And yet all I wanted to do was to go to X-Mansion and hang out with all the mutants and go on adventures. Sure, I had some backup plans but this was my dream.
    Sadly, things didn’t go as planned. As I’m not gifted with omega level mutant power I finished as an HR Consultant and part-time yoga teacher. Not exactly Wolverine.
    I accepted my fate. If I grow claws one day and teleport myself to Paris to grab a coffee and a croissant for breakfast, I’ll let you know. For now, though, I still enjoy superheroes, especially the ones with the mutant super powers. I still read comic series but I have impression Marvel lost a sense of direction a bit.
    As books were always my true love, I’ve been trying to find good books about superheroes. I loved The Rook by Daniel O’Malley, but couldn’t get into most books in the genre. And I tried more than few in recent years.
    Masked was recommended to me on r/fantasy board and as I like to struggle with anthologies, I grabbed a copy. Here are my thoughts and impressions on each story.
    Cleansed and Set in Gold by Matthew Sturges - ★★★★
    I’m on the ground trying to breathe through a chest full of broken ribs. The only reason I’m still alive is that I happen to be invisible at the moment.
    It starts well. It made me want to understand what was happening. A strong first line is important. What about the rest of the story? It follows one of Wildcard heroes. He’s nobody’s favorite hero - he’s not particularly handsome. He doesn’t have a heart-breaking origin story. Journalists usually focus on other League of Heroes members. It’s good. The less they know about him the better.
    It’s a dark story but not devoid of humor. It explores the theme of sacrifice and shows a reader what it truly takes to be heroic. Sometimes you have to sacrifice your own self-worth in order to do the right thing.
    I really liked it despite some corny jokes and one-liners (very few of them, but still).
    Where Their Worm Dieth Not by James Maxey - ★★
    The Retaliator sees the world in white and black and he has a clear vision. He’s ready to sacrifice a lot to make right choices.
    The True evil of the world was insidious in its smallness, the petty, pointless meanness that would pistol-whip a grandmother or badger a crying child.

  7. 2019/12/12 21:43:50 The Book Smugglers 含むアンテナおとなりページ

    On the Radar
    On the Smugglers’ Radar
    窶廾n The Smugglers窶〓 Radar窶〓 is a feature for books that have caught our eye: books we have heard of via other bloggers, directly from publishers, and/or from our regular incursions into the Amazon jungle. Thus, the Smugglers窶〓 Radar was…
    December 11, 2019 — By Ana

  8. 2019/12/11 16:22:27 CRACKPOT PALACE含むアンテナおとなりページ

    Gage nodded. "I take it

  9. 2019/12/11 02:26:00 TNBBC’s The Next Best Book Blog含むアンテナおとなりページ

    Tuesday, December 10, 2019
    Bronwyn Reviews: Guesthouse for Ganesha
    Guesthouse for Ganesha by Judith Teitelman
    Publisher: She Writes Press
    Released: 2019
    reviewed by Bronwyn Mauldin
    For people of faith, the idea of some kind of supernatural being keeping watch over you every day, I imagine to be both a comfort and a terror. Your needs, fears, and desires are under constant scrutiny. One day you will fail your god. But what if you are watched over without your knowledge? What if the god is of a faith and culture not your own? This is the intriguing starting point for Judith Teitelman’s Guesthouse for Ganesha.
    When Esther Gr端nspan is abandoned by her fianc辿 on her wedding day in 1923, she flees her tight-knit Polish shtetl and travels to K旦ln, Germany, to make her heartbroken way in the world. Trained as a seamstress from childhood, she earns her living by her unrivaled skill with needle and thread. As she struggles to survive, to learn language and culture, she hardens her heart to love and friendship. She seems to want to be entirely unseen. Look at my work, her actions cry out, not at me.
    A loveless marriage follows, then the Nazis. A network of good people move Esther from home to apartment to boarding house, from country to country. They provide false papers and sewing assignments, everything from simple hems to elaborate gowns. Sewing is both her refuge and livelihood.
    Esther’s life expands and contracts across a backdrop of some of the greatest horrors of the 20th century; we see crimes against humanity play out in the life of one woman. Watching with us is the elephant-headed god Ganesha of the Hindu pantheon. She encounters him in park in K旦ln, but does not know him as a god.His role in her life as a remover of obstacles is invisible to her. She does not see him give a cookie to distract her fretful daughter so she can finish a gown for a wealthy socialite in time for a party. She does not see him turn a head at just the right moment or move a hand to sign a document that allows her to escape to safety.
    Still, like so many gods and superheroes, Teitelman’s Ganesha is not omnipotent. He can soothe a querulous child and save a single life, but he cannot prevent the Holocaust.
    In the aftermath of the war, the story of Guesthouse for Ganesha takes a startling turn to fantasy. So, too, did arts and literature abandon the limitations of realism in the post-war period. Esther walks away from a life that has both sustained and constrained her, opening herself to a Hindu god of letters and learning who has, she discovers, watched over her with love and compassion all along.
    Bronwyn Mauldin writes fiction and facts, and is creator of The Democracy Serieszine collection. Her newest short story appears in the 2019 Gold Man Review. More at bronwynmauldin.com.
    Posted by TNBBC Super Modat 9:56 AMNo comments:
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    You’re killing me here. This question may well be in English but I stil

  10. 2019/12/11 01:22:40 Strange Horizons Reviews含むアンテナおとなりページ

    Peter Watts Is An Angry Sentient Tumour by Peter Watts
    By: Vivian Wagner
    9 Dec 2019
    In a collection that explores the multifarious ways that as a species we’re destined to die a miserable death in a hell of our own making on an extravagantly ruined planet, there are small glimpses of what might save us
    Read More
    9 Dec 2019
    Into the Eye
    By: SL Harris
    Podcast: Into the Eye
    By: SL Harris
    Mary Agnes Chase (1869-1963)
    By: Jessy Randall
    Podcast: Mary Agnes Chase (1869-1963)
    By: Jessy Randall
    Monday: Peter Watts Is An Angry Sentient Tumour by Peter Watts
    By: Vivian Wagner
    Wednesday: Sharp and Sugar Tooth edited by Octavia Cade
    By: Nibedita Sen
    Friday: David Mogo, Godhunter by Suyi Davies Okungbowa
    By: Gautam Bhatia

  11. 2019/12/10 05:56:34 Pulp Fiction Reviews含むアンテナおとなりページ

    Monday, December 09, 2019
    By Fritz Leiber
    From a Screenplay by Clair Huffaker
    ERB, Inc.
    320 pages
    Clair Huffaker was one of the finest American writers to ever work in Hollywood. In 1965 he was hired by producer Sy Weintraub to write a new Tarzan film which would feature a modern sophisticated version of Edgar Rice Burroughs’s classic hero. It would be the first of three to star former football pro Mick Henry as the new, suave and debonair Ape Man. “Tarzan and the Valley of Gold” was released in the summer of 1966.
    The plot has Tarzan flying to Mexico in answer to a summons from an old friend who works for the government. A treacherous villain, whose hobby is blowing people up, has located the whereabouts of a lost civilization and is going there at the head of his own private mercenary army. Tarzan’s job is to stop him and save the lost city of gold. Eschewing the previous Tarzan movies, Weintraub and Huffaker purposely ignored any references to Jane, Boy or any other trappings that had been added over the years. Trappings that had turned Burroughs savage champion into a middle-aged, family man as exciting as a bowl of porridge.
    Henry not only looked the part as envisioned by readers, but this Tarzan was also intelligent, multi-lingual and resourceful. The movie moves at a fast clip and the action never stops. It remains one of our favorites. It wasn’t till years later that we discovered sci-fi writer Fritz Leiber had written a paperback novelization of the screenplay. It was the first authorized Tarzan novel by an author other Burroughs and was officially listed as the 25th book in the series. With only one printing, the book soon disappeared and became a unique literary treasure sought by many fans over the years. Now ERB, Inc. has produced a beautiful hardcover edition which features a gorgeous cover by Richard Hescox and three black and white interior illustrations by Douglas Klauba.
    Known for his creation of the sword and sorcery characters Fathrd and Gray Mouser, Leiber took Huffaker’s lean tale and turned it into a full blown, detailed novel that in the end had very little resemblance to the actual movie. In the book most of the story takes place in the jungle of Brazil and is purposely adjusted to the Tarzan canon as written by Burroughs. Thus there are footnotes galore referring to past Burroughs books and the missus is mentioned, though never by name. Leiber even alludes to his hero’s supposed longevity as having to do with the supernatural.
    Where Leiber’s story shines is his complete characterizations of all the principles from Tarzan to the villain Vinaro. No longer cookie-cutter Bond-like figures, each of them is fully realized adding great depth to the adventure. We’re even given Tarzan’s personal self-refection as he continually struggles with his duel natures; one civilized and the other a primitive beast. All in all, the book is truly something unique and a wonderful read. Thank you ERB, Inc. for rescuing it from the obscurity and giving all us Tarzan fans this beautiful edition.
    Posted by Ron Fortierat 6:47 AM0comments
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    ▼  December (1)
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  12. 2019/12/06 01:18:37 SFRevu含むアンテナおとなりページ

    1636: Flight of the Nightingale (Ring of Fire) by David Carrico

  13. 2019/11/28 16:54:56 PUNKADIDDLE含むアンテナおとなりページ

    Posted by The Spirit of Creative Writingat 11:0053 comments:

  14. 2019/11/10 14:48:35 Bookgasm含むアンテナおとなりページ

    Agent Running in the Field
    Posted November 3, 2019 Comments(0)
    Since his breakout third novel, 1963’s THE SPY WHO CAME IN FROM THE COLD, John le Carrテゥ has defined the contemporary espionage novel with realism not found in the popular James Bond mode. Le Carrテゥ窶冱 latest work, AGENT RUNNING IN THE FIELD, continues this trend and is a spy novel with topics as current this morning窶冱 headlines.
    Nat (short for Nathaniel) has served most of his adult life with the British Secret Intelligence Service. He thinks his days as an agent runner are over, and looks forward to spending more time at home with his wife and daughter. But 窶徼he Office,窶

  15. 2019/09/17 13:55:45 The Speculative Scotsman含むアンテナおとなりページ

    Posted by Unknown at 14:006 commentsLinks to this post

  16. 2019/09/05 23:07:19 Pulp Serenade含むアンテナおとなりページ

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  17. 2019/06/06 20:11:31 Ecstatic Days 含むアンテナおとなりページ

    Jeff VanderMeer
    Press Kit
    Read Online
    Book Reviews
    Movie Reviews
    Music Reviews
    Writing Tips
    60 in 60
    Evil Monkey
    Launch Pad
    Amazon Blog 〓
    Bookslut 〓
    SF Site 〓
    Email Me
    St. Marks Wildlife Refuge: Official Area X T-Shirt!
    A guest post by Jeff VanderMeer
    September 28, 2018
    There’s now an official Area X T-shirt, available at the St. Marks Wildlife Refuge visitor’s center here in North Florida. As some of you may know, the refuge is the main influence on the Southern Reach trilogy. All proceeds from T-shirt sales go to helping maintain the lighthouse and the refuge. Thanks to the Friends of the St. Marks Wildlife Refuge for their interest.
    Here’s the information. Please query as indicated for other payment options and for possible overseas delivery. – JeffV
    The shirts are Gilden Ultra Cotton shirts. Sizing is unisex.
    The Cost:
    $18 + tax ($1.26) for sizes S, M, L, XL
    $20 + tax ($1.40) for size XXL
    Domestic shipping via USPS:
    $5.50 per shirt for 1 or 2 shirts. They will be send individually by first class mail.
    $14.50 for 3-6 shirts to one location. They will be sent in a priority mail box.
    To order:
    We’d love you to visit us at the Refuge and buy the shirt in person, where we accept cash, checks, or credit/debit cards. However, next best is to send us a〓check or money order made out to: SMRA〓(that stands for St. Marks Refuge Association).
    Please〓type or print clearly〓the number of shirts & the sizes you want.〓Include the address you want them shipped to.〓Also, please list a phone number or email address in case we need to contact you about the order.〓Send payment and info to this address:
    Nature Store Manager
    P.O. Box 368
    St. Marks, FL 32355
    If that’s not possible, email [email protected]. We do now accept Paypal.
    Finally, a heartfelt thank you to Jeff VanderMeer for his encouragement and his support of St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge.
    The Nature Store at St. Marks NWR is a project of the Friends of St. Marks Wildlife Refuge and is run totally by volunteers, so all profits directly benefit the Wildlife Refuge. Thank you for helping us help the Refuge!
    –Rita, Volunteer Nature Store Manager
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    April Jeff VanderMeer Annihilation/Borne Book Tour
    A guest post by Jeff VanderMeer
    April 3, 2018
    April brings a slew of events, most at universities, as I go on a brief but bracing book tour to celebrate the release of Borne and The Strange Bird in trade paperback, along with the Annihilation movie. All events are free, but some are tickets, so please check out the links if interested. Many of the university visits also include meeting with students, which I’m very much looking forward to. Hope to see a lot of you on the road. Don’t hesitate to come up and say hi–and I always love signing books, in any situation. So don’t be shy. All events are open to the public unless otherwise noted.
    April 5 (Thurs), 6pm, Alpha Chi Honor Society, Portland Oregon
    “This Green Earth” keynote speech for the Alpha Chi Honor Society conference followed by Q&A and book signing. (Only open to conference attendees/Alpha Chi members).
    April 9 (Mon), 5:30pm, Texas A&M, College Station Texas, Rudder Theater
    “Annihilation Book to Film: Narrative Choices and Reader Response.” An in-depth exploration of the responses to the Southern Reach trilogy, including fan art and writings and even living alphabets, along with a semi-comic account of one author’s viewing from afar of the movie-making process. With exclusive behi

  18. 2019/04/24 13:08:05 Spinetingler含むアンテナおとなりページ

    Schalte Navigation
    Spinetingler Magazine
    Wimpernserum – ein berechtigter Hype? 6 Kriterien, auf die Sie achten müssen!
    Wimpernserum – ein berechtigter Hype? 6 Kriterien, auf die Sie achten müssen!
    Spinetingler Magazine
    Mrz 7, 2019
    Wimpernserum – ein berechtigter Hype? 6 Kriterien, auf die Sie achten müssen!
    Von Spinetingler inWimpernserum
    Endlich sichtbare Wimpern – das würde den meisten Frauen schon völlig ausreichen. Was, wenn es aber seit circa 15 Jahren möglich ist, die Wimpern auch wachsen zu lassen und dunkler zu färben? Weil dieser Wunsch so groß ist, gibt es leider eine Menge schwarzer Schafe unter den Produkten auf dem stetig wachsenden Markt. Um sich hier zurechtzufinden, gilt es einige Dinge zu beachten und natürlich hilft auch ein Grundverständnis dafür, was ein Wimpernserum überhaupt ist und vor allem, wie es funktioniert. Das Wissen können Sie sich jetzt aneignen. In diesem Artikel steht alles, was Sie rund um das Thema Lash Booster wissen müssen. Wir haben für Sie ein Inhaltsverzeichnis bereitgestellt, damit Sie auch schnell zur Antwort Ihrer Frage vorstoßen können.
    1) Was ist ein Wimpernserum?
    2) Was für Arten Wimpernserum gibt es?
    3) Wie funktioniert ein Wimpern Wachstumsserum?
    4) Sechs Kriterien für ein gutes Wimpernserum
    4.1 Pflegende Zusatzstoffe
    4.2 Anwendung
    4.3 Verträglichkeit
    4.4 Volumen und Pigmente
    4.5 Echte Wirkstoffe
    4.6 Dauer bis Wirkung
    5) Diese vier Dinge lassen Ihre Wimpern ebenfalls wachsen
    1) Was ist ein Wimpernserum?
    Ein Wimpernserum ist ein Mittel, das Wimpern wachsen lässt. Ganz korrekt gefasst, dient diese Flüssigkeit – es kann sich dabei auch um eine gelähnliche Substanz handeln – dazu, von außen aufgetragen den Wachstumszyklus der Wimpernhaare zu beeinflussen.
    Das klingt komplizierter, als es eigentlich ist:
    Durch die Anwendung von Wimpernserum sollen die Wimpernhaare mehr werden und damit ein dichteres Wimpernbild entstehen lassen. Ebenfalls Ziel eines Wimpernserums ist es, die Dicke jedes einzelnen Haares zu vergrößern. Auf diese Weise wirkt der Wimpernkranz voluminöser. Zuletzt soll das Wimpernserum die Haare wachsen lassen.
    Übrigens funktioniert der Wirkstoff nicht nur auf den Wimpern, sondern auch auf den Augenbrauen.
    Die meisten Wimpernseren auf dem Markt haben sich noch weitere Eigenschaften auferlegt: Dazu gehört einmal die Pflege der Haare, – dass können Sie sich so vorstellen wie bei Haarkuren und als zweiter Punkt auf der Wunschliste steht die Färbung der Wimpern. Natürlich verändert ein Wimpern Wachstumsserum nicht die Farbe der eigenen Wimpernhaare, aber es kann dafür sorgen, dass in die Haare mehr Melanin – ein Farbstoff – eingebunden wird. Denn je mehr Farbstoff in eine Zelle eingelagert wird, desto dunkler ist sie im Ergebnis.
    2) Was für Arten Wimpernserum gibt es?
    Grundsätzlich sollte es zwei Arten von Wimpernseren geben, tatsächlich aber gibt es mindestens vier. Die zwei echten Arten sind einmal die mit Gewebshormonen und einmal die ohne solche Hormone. In den Produkten ohne Hormone stecken dann andere Stoffe, die ebenfalls wirksam das Wachstum der Wimpern anregen und einige andere Ziele erreichen, die oben erwähnt sind.
    Als dritte Produktvariante sind die Seren in den Regalen zu nennen, die zwar eine wunderbare Pflegekur darstellen, aber keine wirksamen Eigenschaften aufzuweisen haben. Die vierte Sparte sind die Artikel, die einfach nur falsche Versprechen abgeben.
    Information: Das Wimpernwachstumsserum ist erst dieses Jahrtausend erfunden worden. Eigentlich ist es gar nicht erfunden worden, sondern zufällig entdeckt. Ein amerikanischer Arzt hatte zufällig bei der augenärztlichen Behandlung an einem Patienten entdeckt, das eine Substanz zu starkem Wimpernwachstum geführt hat. Diese Substanz heißt Bimatrost. Bimatrost ist ein Gewebshormon. Für Gewebshormone gibt es einen lateinischen Fachbegriff, er lautet Prostaglandine oder Prostaglandin-Analoga.
    Was ist die Aufgabe von Gewebshormonen? Sie so

  19. 2018/01/01 14:05:37 CCLaP含むアンテナおとなりページ

    Copyright 2007-2018, Chicago Center for Literature and Photography. All rights reserved.

  20. 2017/01/21 08:56:30 The Agony Column含むアンテナおとなりページ

    09-18-15: A 2015 Interview with William T. Vollman
    08-31-15: A 2015 Interview with Susan Casey

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    2016 Copyright. All Rights Reserved. The Sponsored Listings displayed above are served automatically by a third party. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).Privacy Policy

  22. 2016/01/26 02:51:25 The SF Site含むアンテナおとなりページ

    In Memoriam: 2015
    a memorial by Steven H Silver
    Science fiction fans have always had a respect and understanding for the history of the genre. Unfortunately, science fiction has achieved such an age that each year sees our ranks diminished. Deaths in 2015 included Alice K. Turner, Leonard Nimoy, Tanith Lee, Jon Arfstrom, George Clayton Johnson, Suzette Haden Elgin, Sir Terry Pratchett, Christopher Lee and Peter Dickinson.

  23. 2014/11/09 16:53:20 Bibliophile Stalker含むアンテナおとなりページ

    Posted by Charlesat 6:46 AM2 comments: Links to this post

  24. 2014/07/29 19:53:50 contributor - Paul Di Filippo含むアンテナおとなりページ

    July 29, 2014