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  1. 2020/07/07 03:08:50 artforum 美術系雑誌含むアンテナおとなりページ

    “Christine Sun Kim: Off The Charts”
    MIT List Visual Arts Center
    Adrian Morris
    Essex Street

  2. 2020/07/07 02:48:42 Res Artis 美術系含むアンテナおとなりページ

    5 Charlotte Square
    Newcastle NE1 4XF United-Kingdom
    BROTA Residency
    Dardo Rocha 2960
    Buenos Aires C1425CTB Argentina

  3. 2020/07/07 02:43:53 Newsweek Entertainment 文化系ニュース含むアンテナおとなりページ

    Watch live: White House press briefing | Florida gov. coronavirus update
    Pete Williams
    Supreme Court denies attempt to use faithless electors to 'begin to undo' electoral college
    As massive decisions loom, Roberts窶〓 tenure on Supreme Court keeps observers guessing
    Kasie DC
    Life After Trump: How soon will the Republican Party have to figure out its future?
    Giridharadas: Trump doubles down on white supremacy
    Booker: Trump窶冱 rhetoric this weekend 'makes us weaker as a nation窶〓
    AM Joy
    Commissioner on DeSantis: We窶决e in serious trouble in Florida
    U.S. is headed in 'wrong direction' with virus, says doctor
    Scientists urge WHO to acknowledge virus can spread in air
    Mystery surrounds fire at Iranian nuclear site
    Country Music Hall of Famer Charlie Daniels dies at 83
    Retired Air National Guard colonel apologizes for comments about Vanessa Guillen
    Early coronavirus numbers for July are grim
    Harsh portrait of Trump family by president's niece to be published early

  4. 2020/07/07 02:23:21 Architectural Record 建築系含むアンテナおとなりページ

    The Zayed Centre by Stanton Williams
    Buildings by Type
    A new research facility for the study of rare diseases in children is now part of London窶冱 Great Ormond Street Hospital.
    By: Tim Abrahams
    Continuing Education: Antimicrobials in the Built Environment
    Architectural Technology
    A look at microbe-attacking additives in building materials and finishes in the COVID-19 era.
    By: Joann Gonchar, FAIA
    Protests Take Aim at Confederate Monuments
    As citizens and officials remove statues across the...
    Architecture News
    Architects Revamp Workplaces for Social Distancing
    With safety concerns at the forefront, architects are...
    Coronavirus Coverage
    The Zhang Yan Cultural Museum by Horizontal Design
    Museums & Arts Center Projects
    Shenzhen-based designer Ju Bin’s first ground-up project emerges from the ruins of a historic village outside Shanghai. Watch a video about the project below.
    By: Aric Chen
    Four Health-Care Projects by MASS Design Group in Africa
    Upcoming projects in Liberia, Rw

  5. 2020/07/07 02:22:41 artnet.com ニュース含むアンテナおとなりページ

    Shirin Neshat
    Kerry James Marshall
    Hank Willis Thomas
    Lorna Simpson

  6. 2020/07/07 02:14:25 BBC - Arts 美術系ニュース含むアンテナおとなりページ

    Someday Soon
    A series of virtual creative writing workshops to reconnect communities by creating a shared, collective radio play
    No Place Productions

  7. 2020/07/07 01:36:37 The Art Newspaper 美術系 含むアンテナおとなりページ

    about 5 hours ago
    about 5 hours ago
    about 5 hours ago
    about 6 hours ago
    about 6 hours ago

  8. 2020/07/07 01:20:07 Tokyo Opera City 美術館 含むアンテナおとなりページ


  9. 2020/07/07 01:05:48 artdaily.com ニュース含むアンテナおとなりページ

    All colors are the friends of their neighbors and the lovers of their opposites. Marc Chagall.
    By submitting this form, you are consenting to receive marketing emails from: ArtDaily, Sabino 604, Col. El Sabino Residencia

  10. 2020/07/07 00:36:04 NY Times: Arts含むアンテナおとなりページ

    those we’ve lost
    PhotoCreditRoberto Monaldo/LaPresse, via Associated Press
    Ennio Morricone, Oscar-Winning Composer of Film Scores, Dies at 91
    His vast output included atmospheric music for spaghetti westerns in his native Italy and scores for some 500 movies by a Who’s Who of directors.
    By Robert D. McFadden
    PhotoCreditTom Jamieson for The New York Times
    Jarvis Cocker Keeps Hearing That Voice
    Returning with a new band, Jarv Is, the onetime Pulp leader explains how David Bowie saved his life and why he can’t give up songwriting 〓 yet.
    By Rob Tannenbaum
    PhotoCreditParamount, via Everett Collection
    PhotoCreditDylan Martinez/Reuters
    U.K. Announces $2 Billion Bailout to Help Keep the Arts Afloat
    After a weekslong campaign, artists in Britain welcomed the move, which will provide support to recipients like “local basement” music venues and museums.
    By Alex Marshall
    Critic’s pick
    PhotoCreditJohan Persson, via National Theater
    Review: ‘Les Blancs’ Is an Anguished Play for an Anguished Moment

  11. 2020/07/06 19:23:38 Utrecht含むアンテナおとなりページ

    Blocks / Chanmin Park

  12. 2020/07/06 19:13:07 恵文社 本屋含むアンテナおとなりページ

    柚木沙弥郎 型染めうちわ (桔梗朝顔・黄)

  13. 2020/07/06 15:34:18 JDN ニュース含むアンテナおとなりページ


  14. 2020/07/06 14:27:41 日仏学院含むアンテナおとなりページ

    映画 オリヴィエ・ペール講演記録「ジャン=ピエール・モッキーと奇跡の小径」

  15. 2020/07/06 11:41:51 国際交流基金含むアンテナおとなりページ

    【重要なお知らせ】 新型コロナウイルス感染症拡大防止のための業務体制について
    イベント紹介 現在開催中・開催予定のイベントはこちら >

  16. 2020/07/06 10:57:14 Goethe-Institut含むアンテナおとなりページ

    新規受講生募集: 子供のためのドイツ語オンライン学習コース

  17. 2020/07/05 22:54:57 tfj談話室 嶋田丈裕含むアンテナおとなりページ

    [3845]嶋田 丈裕<tfj(at)kt.rim.or.jp>
    - 小杉町, 川崎市, Sun Jul 5 21:04:58 2020
    Довлатов [Dovlatov]
    『ドヴラートフ レニングラードの作家たち』
    2018 / Russia/Poland/Serbia / colour - 2.35:1 / 126 min.
    Режиссёр [Director]: Алексей Герман мл. [Alexey German Jr.]Автор сценария [Screenplay]: Алексей Герман мл. [Alexey German Jr.], Юлия Тупикина [Yuliya Tipikina].
    В главных ролях [Starring]:Милан Марич [Milan Marić] (Сергей Довлатов [Sergei Dovlatov]),Данила Козловский [Danila Kozlovsky] (Давид),Helena Sujecka (Елена Довлатова [Elena Dovlatova]),Артур Бесчастный [Artur Beschastny] (Иосиф Бродский [Joseph Brodsky]),Антон Шагин [Anton Shagin] (Антон Кузнецов [Anton Kuznetsov]),Светлана Ходченкова [Svetlana Khodchenkova] (актриса [actress], подруга Довлатова [Dovlatov’s ex-girlfrend]),Елена Лядова [Elena Lyadova] (молодой редактор [young editor])
    Production: САГа [SAGa], Метрафильмс [Metrafilms], Channel One Russia.
    Co-production: Message Film, Art&Popcorn, Ленфильм [Lenf

  18. 2020/07/05 12:16:15 東京都現代美術館 美術館含むアンテナおとなりページ

    「オラファー・エリアソン ときに川は橋となる」「ピーター・ドイグ展」相互割引実施のお知らせ

  19. 2020/07/05 08:51:31 dezain.net含むアンテナおとなりページ

    平田晃久建築設計事務所「ナインアワーズ半蔵門」内覧会 (野良犬のケンチク彷徨記) (Source: kenchiku-blog.blogspot.com) 2020-07-05
    Open Architectureが設計した中国、深圳近郊の舞台芸術センター「Pingshan Performing Arts Center」(dezeen) Open Architecture unveils Pingshan Performing Arts Center (dezeen) (Source: dezeen.com) 2020-07-05
    SHoP Architectsらが計画しているオーストラリア、シドニーの世界最高規模の木質複合構造の構想&

  20. 2020/07/03 20:12:19 Mizuma Art Gallery含むアンテナおとなりページ

    2020年07月11日(土) - 09月06日(日)
    天野喜孝「みんなのミュシャ: ミュシャからマンガへ〓線の魔術」@静岡県立美術館
    2020年06月19日(金) - 07月31日(金)
    青山悟「Everyday Art Market by Satoru Aoyama + ATMフェイス」 @水戸芸術館 現代美術ギャラリー

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