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    The Invention of Teabagging, with Esper Quinn
    Editor Esper Quinn hosts the best panel in video games looking at the legacy of Halo, reactions to Summer Game Fest, and the origins of rude crouching.
    esper quinn, frank cifaldi, tim rogers, brandon sheffield 17 Jun 2024

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    2010/11/10 祭-「凱風快晴」-のあと……
    そういや、この辺ってイノシシが出るんですよ(私も今年の正月にこの近辺で親子連れを見ました) ついでに、お盆にはこの神社から近い墓場で子熊も発見されて警報がならされたんですよね(笑) イベント中に出ないで良かった(大笑)
    あと絵馬の横に桜の木が植えてあるのですが、季節外れの桜が咲いていました。“ゆっくり”並の自分のあんこ脳をフル回転させて思うに、もしかして奉られている英霊さんらがどんな形にせよ自分たちのところで県内外からお客さんが来てくれるような祭を開いてくれたことにありがたがって華を咲かせてくれたのかもね( < 歯が浮いてますよ。)
    屋外故に「花粉症のお客さま」に対してどうするかが問題ですね(周りに杉がいっぱいですからね。) 5月だったら、時期的に治まる時期ですかね?
    010/11/07 東方イベント「凱風快晴」当日

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    403 : forbidden
    everything will be a game for children.
    don’t worry, i will always be myself.
    close the world.
    [ return : true ]

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    12-21-2006 - Navarre’s FUNimation Entertainme
    12-21-2006 - ADV Films Announces February 20t
    Thursday, December 21st, 2006
    38 Days of Christmas (11:27 AM EST): Congratulations go out this morning to Sammantha De La Rosa who won the copy of Tenchi OVA 3 in the tin edition in yesterdays contest. Today we’ve got another limited edition item, this time it’s the first volume of Zipang with the chipboard box and mousepad, so enter today!
    Bandai Entertainment New Title Solicitations (10:35 AM EST): The March slate of titles from Bandai Entertainment went out overnight and they have a couple of good things to note in there for fans:
    .hack//Roots Vol. #1 (also w/Artbox/CD/Game/Tshirt) - 125 minutes - $24.98/59.98 - 03/20/2007
    Clockwork Fighters Vol. #2 - 250 minutes - $39.98 - 03/20/2007
    IGPX: Season 2 Box Set (Toonami Version) - 290 minutes - $39.98 - 03/20/2007
    Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny Vol. #07 (also w/box) - 100 minutes - $24.98/44.98 - 03/06/2007
    Scrapped Princess Complete Collection: Anime Legends Edition - 650 minutes - $49.98 - 03/20/2007
    Early DVD REview: Air Gear (10:25 AM EST): We’re adding a new early release to our lists this morning with a look at the 02/06/2007 release of Air Gear Vol. #1 from ADV Films.
    Manga Year In Review (10:13 AM EST): The report cards continue for the manga publishers today as Ed Chavez has his next ”student” ready with a look at Bandai Entertainment today.
    Manga Review: Lovely Sick (10:04 AM EST): Julie’s checking in with us today by taking a look at a release from DramaQueen with their July 2006 title Lovely Sick Vol. #1 (of 3).
    Shop @ AnimeOnDVD (09:44 AM EST): The Shop has been updated with today’s daily deals from Right Stuf. Check out the retail section for other deals that are continually coming up during the final days before Christmas.
    Shop @ AnimeOnDVD (09:00 AM EST): The Shop has been updated with a few items today. First, the last day of the 12 Days of Christmas sale from Right Stuf has been revealed and it’s the Samurai Champloo Box Set for 60% off. They’ve also had their latest daily deals posted alongside their big weekly sale which has a lot of new items to it. In addition, Animenation has posted up their latest sale items in the Shop which covers the last day of the Adult Source Media sale and some good deals on Media Blasters items.-Thursday, December 14th, 2006